1st Batch of Lactose-Free Yogurt!


I think I was able to successfully make my first batch of lactose-free yogurt. My machine came yesterday morning and I quickly cleaned it up and made my first-ever batch of yogurt.

I know I put the starter mix in early – before the milk cooled to 110〫F from 180〫F. Oops! Not sure if that is a BIG oops or a little one… We shall see in a few hours once the yogurt has cooled. When I took the jars out of the machine the consistency looked firm with just a bit on water on top. It is supposed to chill for at least 3 hours before eating.

I incubated the yogurt for 20 hours in the machine. My machine turns off automatically after 15 hours. I added the extra time towards the end of the 15 hour cycle.

Here is my machine:

Euro Cuisine YMX650


Fructose Overload?


I have been awake since 4:30 and up since 5:00. In that time I have started a load of wash, emptied the dishwasher, fed the cats, caught up on emails, and made a new friend through this blog. Phew! I could use a nap 😉

What caused me to get up so early? Reflux, bloating, gas, burning feeling in my stomach… Any of that sound familiar? If you have FM, and you probably do if you are reading this (or know someone who does), then you know what I mean. I am still suffering from the after affects of my soy yogurt fiasco from a few days ago. I am trying to eat “clean,” but always seem to do something “wrong.” I ate too many strawberries last night and think that is adding to my already considerable discomfort. 😦

I have to get better at the whole “blog thing.” Mine is so boring! I see all of these beautiful, creative, educational, and fun blogs and am intimidated! LOL! I need a crash course in blogging. If any of you have tips for me about blogging, please send them my way!

For now I am leaving this page…my laundry needs to go into the dryer.



FM Books Galore – in German!


If you understand German and have FM yourself or know someone who does then you are in luck! Amazon.de has book after book after book on FM. You can find cookbooks, informational books, books devoted to shopping for healthy fructose-free foods…

I knew that Australia and some European countries had more research and a better understanding for FM, but was still surprised to see the vast number of books available for purchase. Americans consume a far greater amount of fructose in varying forms, yet our doctors and dietitians do not really understand this disorder. Why is that? My only answer right now, and this is purely speculation and my own thought, is that the corn industry, particularly those producing High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) don’t want us to know about FM. I’m not trying to be a conspiracy theorist or anything of the like, but it does make sense.

Is it because of my FM diagnosis and I am therefore more aware, but it seems there are many more commercials on the television lately praising HFCS.  Hmmm….

I have a bunch of books on order from Amazon.de! I have never been more grateful that my husband is German nor that I can manage to get by with my limited German from my college days. Maybe there will be hope for me learning the language after all! As a teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL),  I know that learning another language is easier when there is meaning to the subject matter being studied. That explains why I am able to shop like a champ! It is something I am not only interested in, but also meets a need – I am shopping for something (food, clothing, medication, whatever…) I need.  Maybe I will become more proficient in German thanks to FM…it would great to have something else positive come along with this diagnosis!

Here are some pictures of the covers of books I am ordering:

The Evils of Soy and FM…


Despite my better judgement, I thought I’d give soy yogurt a try yesterday. Knowing that I do not tolerant soy milk, I should have been able to guess that the soy yogurt would not be tolerated either. Since this “FM Thing” can be temperamental and tricky, soy yogurt could possibly be added to my short list of things I can safely eat… at least that was my rationale. A day later and I am still paying the price. Ugh! And I only had 4 tablespoons! Could you imagine if I had more? Yikes!

Upon the suggestion of some fellow FMers, I went to my local grocery store, Wegman’s, and bought Kefir. It is 99% lactose free. I was surprised that it tasted as good as it did (I got the plain to be “safe”). That 1% of lactose made me a bit uncomfortable within 20 minutes – 20-30 minutes seems to generally be the point when I can tell if things will sit well or not. I am thinking that I may need to take a Lactaid pill the next time I have the Kefir. Hopefully that will help.

Since it is soooo hard to find lactose-free yogurt, I have found a lovely yogurt machine at my local Williams-Sonoma store. I am hoping to pick it up tomorrow and start making my own yogurt. What a hoot! ME making my own yogurt! I’ll have to get pictures or no one who really knows me will believe it :-p

FM = Domestic Diva


I have quickly gone from a kitchen-phobic individual who could barely boil water to a “domestic diva.” Never in my life did I think I would use the terms “cook,” “baker,” or “domestic” to refer to me (and I do use those terms loosely!), but FM has decided that I need to add some new descriptors to my profile.

I am going to be purchasing a YOGURT Machine tomorrow. What on Earth is happening? I’ve had to buy new pots and pans due to all this cooking I am doing. And now a yogurt machine?! Yup! This should be interesting to say the least.

Stay tuned!

“FructyLisa” Gets Her “Blog On!”


I am giving this “blogging thing” a try. Don’t know if I’ll stick with it or even say anything that will be of interest to anyone else… I guess time will tell.

I am using this as a way to reach out to fellow “FMers.” Dealing with Fructose Malabsorption and a lactose intolerance alone can be lonely and frustrating. These are new waters for me and perhaps writing about my new discoveries will be helpful for not just me, but for others as well.